Are Black Swan events in the Climate Crisis Imminent?

Kevin Hester evokes the ‘black swan’ syndrome as we Homo Callidus motor at full-bore into abrupt climate change on the road to extinction. He has put up a series of worthwhile articles recently, so check this out and then do some well-rewarded browsing.

Kevin Hester

Tragically for the biosphere and the continuation of complex life on this planet the “Precautionary Principle’ has been cast to the winds as we plunge headlong, full speed ahead into the climate / extinction crisis, not only by failing to meet the pathetically weak aspirations of the non binding Cop21 Climate Agreement in Paris, we fail to allow for the unknown or so called “Black Swan” events that will almost certainly continue to manifest as we navigate blindly through these unchartered, peril filled waters.

This blue water, ocean sailor can’t believe the risks that are being taken by failing to follow the precautionary Principle” and not preparing for possible worst case scenarios that could literally unfold any day now. The failure of the scientific community to convey the urgency of the crisis is a dereliction of duty.

Black Swan courtesy of William Bibb.jpg
Image courtesy of William Bibb a former guest on Nature Bats Last


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