Professor Andrew Glikson “The looming Methane Time Bomb”.

(a picture from Kevin Hester’s website. This is what methane looks like when it’s no longer frozen.

Methane Bubbles


Thank you for this. Reblogging because people still don’t get the methane issue. Great work!

Kevin Hester

The July 2018 episode of Nature Bats Last on The Progressive Radio Network covered two recent articles published by Professor Andrew Glikson from the Australian National University.
Professor Glikson was unable to connect for the live show so I read cruical aspects of the articles and have added my analysis and observations.
The audio is embedded here;
Central to the show was this article published in Global Research titled “The Methane Time Bomb and the Future of the Biosphere”.

Methane release from permafrost

“Early warnings are manifest. Expeditions along the East Siberian Arctic Shelf in 2011 led by the Russian scientists Igor Semiletov and Natalia Shakova identified a large number of km-size sea bed structures from which methane plumes were bubbling. The East Siberian Arctic Shelf (ESAS) is reported to be highly perforated and close to thawing”.

I quoted Joanna Macy from her article titled “The Greatest Danger” in context…

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