We’re screwed– evidence no longer matters (updated)

Reviving this article from almost three years ago. We now have parts of the Trump administration admitting there’s human-caused global warming and it’s too late to stop it. And yet, the denialist lobby hasn’t lost a footstep–Trump is still saying he doesn’t believe in global warmin.

The Brooklyn Culture Jam

Exxon purchases ad space on YouTube's file of 350.org's People's action against Exxon.Exxon (the world’s most profitable company) purchases ad space on YouTube’s video of 350.org’s People’s Tribunal VS Exxon. If you click on this link about Exxon’s lies, you’ll be ‘treated’ to an Exxon ‘feelgood’ ad about why we need oil. #ExxonKnew.

This has been on my mind for a few days now. It was sparked by an article in VOX about why we’re stuck in neutral vis a vis the gun violence in this country. And it’s also why (COP21 Paris notwithstanding) we won’t come up with anything that can realistically be called a ‘plan’ to deal with climate change/ Global warming. IMHO, the assertion that there could even be a plan to deal with runaway warming is suspect in the first place as you might suspect from reading all my posts about near term human extinction.  But skip that for a moment. The ‘plan’ that came out of Paris…

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