Arctic Summer Temperatures Set to Skyrocket Like “Bat out of Hell”

From Paul Beckwith, a scientist whose work I admire. He’s been doing the investigative work on where we’re going on temperature, and the news is not good. Worth a view of the videos he uploaded.

Paul Beckwith, Climate System Scientist

Arctic Summer Temperatures to Skyrocket like a “Bat out of Hell”: Part 3 // Dec 29, 2018

Recently released by NOAA, the Arctic Report Card 2018 details profound changes underway in the Arctic from rapid temperature increases.

What happens in the Arctic does not stay in the Arctic.” Quote: Beckwith, 2009

Incredibly fast Arctic warming dwarfs the global average and is accelerating:

  • Winter temperature anomalies are highest, followed by Autumn and Spring.
  • Arctic Sea-Ice melt keeps Summer anomalies low;
  • When Sea-Ice vanishes Summer warming will skyrocket like a “bat out of hell”.

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Soon we will have a navigable video index in Excel/Google Sheets as Paul rapidly approaches his 500th video–ushering the end of a most dramatic 2018…

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