Reblogging–Religion, Science and Gaining Traction

2019 fire

This is a post from Guy McPherson’s NATURE BATS LAST website that’s relevant in context of the Malcolm Light assertion about our survival being down to months. There’s a 46 minute video that Guy made in light of the dire message we’ve gotten in terms of the near certainty of earth experiencing a Permian style eruption of methane in the near future. It’s also a shout- out to my Extinction Rebellion friends–there are pathways for communication that have not been opened to the 99% about global warming, and if there’s any chance at all of getting past 2030, we needed to start a few years ago. But while not ‘hopeful’, the conversation shows reasonable ways an activist might undertake protest about our status quo

It’s a conversation he has with Jamen Shively, a former Microsoft Exec now in the climate activist business (per this).Also there is Michael (whose last name is not on the website) another climate activist. It’s hard to encapsulate what they have to say, but it offers hope without offering ‘hopium’ (false hope) for those of us who have despaired of taking action.

Here it is. You should take it in if you care about the planet you’re on.

Don’t pop the champagne corks. But I felt less discouraged after listening, and that’s high praise these days.

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