Cue the traveling music

When you’ve lost everything, sometimes you need to travel. Hell, when you’re about to lose everything, you need to travel. We’ve all become enamored of changing the scenery over the years. And Joni Mitchell had it right all those years back–that we’d tear down Paradise to put up a parking lot. That we’d tear down the trees except the ones in museums. Oh, that crazy, nutty Joni Mitchell!

I’ve been absent because things seem to be getting more and more depressing. The fires in the Amazon are an epochal event, and in their own way, as devastating as the earlier fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame. We’ve lost two irreplaceable treasures, and nobody seems to know how to react. And as bad as the fires in the Amazon have become, any map showing fires in equatorial Africa shows a similar unfolding disaster.

I’ve taken to posting on a specialized page on Facebook lately. I alluded to it a few posts ago–the Norwegian Blue Society. I resorted to a special page because frankly, the news is so incessant and so bad, I was no longer up to posting it all here. So if you want to see a collection of articles about what’s happening in Africa while we all watch the devastation of the Amazon, go there. Here’s a link to the article in Bloomberg.

Meanwhile, I’m sensing an air of resignation among the people I’ve counted on over the years to fill me in on the disaster. I’m sensing that the people who’ve kept me informed are throwing in the towel. The posting in the NTHE groups on Facebook has fallen off drastically, and although there’s a FB issue on blocking stories, I don’t think that’s the whole cause. How many ways can bright articulate people tell you it’s time to pack it in? What I’m saying is you should go to the Norwegian Blue page to catch up on things climate-related.

Or maybe you should just spend sixty seconds listening to Guy McPherson’s latest post This does not sound like a guy who thinks we should all roll up our sleeves and just pitch in, Dangit!

Meanwhile, I live in the Empire’s favorite city, and on Friday, NYC’s going to host the Student strike for Climate (AKA NYC Climate Strike).

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

What do I do Friday? I go to this rally, wondering if I should be happy & hopeful or just don my favorite death shroud and do my thing.

from 2015. This is getting old

None of which has anything to do with the title of this article. Shake your mental etch-a-sketch and clear your mind for my salient point:

My purpose in posting here is that events are in the saddle and ride mankind. People should be thinking of traveling. Say goodbye to people you care about. I’m checking out flights and travel time and touching base with friends. And if you’re reading this and want me to drop by, you should let me know. Worst case is the climate comes apart in 18 months as I projected here.

Yes, you should protest. You should keep on keeping on, on the off chance that the people predicting these awful things are a bit off. But if/when things start to collapse, they’re going to fall apart fairly quickly. And remember, a financial meltdown could be a precursor for the climate failure. As McPherson and others have pointed out, there’s a thing called global dimming that’s driven by emissions resulting from the burning of fossil fuels. If we go into a fairly serious recession that takes down as little as 20% of industrial output, that could be enough to force temperatures up. I explained it here. So… Plan your goodbye tour, but do it really effing soon. in the meantime, see you Friday in NYC?

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