Keeping up the pressure (Epstein wasn’t a suicide)

We’re almost four months into the ‘mystery’ of Jeffrey Epstein, the world class pedophile whose dozens of victims have stories to tell. Latest news is that Michael Baden, one of the most storied forensic investigators in the United States, has recently stated that Epstein was ‘probably’ a homicide victim. As his case had international implications (visitors to his mansion and island included A current and former president, at least one royal, and a famous attorney), this is not a story that should be left alone. His death was also not the suicide that was originally claimed. Epstein would have found it nigh impossible to kill himself because of the setup of his cell. But the fact that the cameras watching his cell were disabled when the evidence would have been filmed, plus other indications, show that this was a very carefully plotted murder –if in fact Epstein was murdered.

And yet, nobody wants to bring this up. The media is anxious to cover the impending tsunami of legal detritus coming down on Trump and his many evasions of the law. We’ve also seen the media focus on the usual minutiae rather than asking –EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL PEDOPHILE?

Hence these. popular memes about Epstein and his case are circulating now. Click one, right-click, choose ‘copy’ and drop somewhere. Remind people that a powerful man has gotten away with wrecking the lives of young women for the entertainment of the rich and powerful.


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These were a few of the memes that have traveled across my FB feed. Use them when you need to remind people that the death of Jeffrey Epstein (assuming he IS DEAD, and not living on an island somewhere) IS NOT A CLOSED CASE

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