The ‘Planet Phuckett’ Yeast-Sex Tour

1/6/2020:This is an overview of my play on global warming and the likelihood of human extinction. I have been forced to re-title it PLANET PHUCKETT! after finding out that a punk rock group already used the name PLANET HOSPICE. I’ve also revised the play somewhat to account for new information about our coming demise. The play was made possible with help and encouragement from Dr. Guy McPherson, who has written extensively on the fate we face.

The Brooklyn Culture Jam

Planet Hospice TampaYes, that’s a MS paint button. Other than that, it’s all me. 

I wanted people to know that if they missed my play PLANET HOSPICE (a theatrical romp through human extinction) at United Solo and the Ithaca Fringe and the Tampa Fringe (and most recently at theTremors Art Showat the Point Green Gallery), there’s always an opportunity to see it. I’ll explain below.

It’s a clown play/comedy about human extinction. I wrote it based on a friend of mine who was cashiered from a tenured university position for talking about his findings on Climate collapse and the almost undeniable reality that our collective time on this planet as the Human species is down to the single Digits. The story of PLANET HOSPICE is about the increasingly likely prospect that in ten years or less, the Earth will no longer provide habitat for big mammals as a result of global…

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