Is Climate change a hoax?ASK FB

Movie poster from THE SOCIAL NETWORK. Mark Zuckerberg is much changed.

First answer: No, Global warming is real and climate change is real. But you wouldn’t know that if it were up to some of FB’s ‘advisors’.

I really can’t tell you a lot more than what this article puts forth. My reasons for posting it are personal. As time has gone by, it’s become harder to post on Facebook. That wasn’t always true–my old posts about upcoming plays or protest events were fairly popular, and FB was my friend. But that’s no longer true. The latest adventure was that someone, somehow, got FB administrators to ban me from the app for three days for ‘racist comments’. What constituted that act? I had written a post about ‘stupid ‘Muricans’ who believed COVID was not real. First, I’m a ‘Murican (not for want of trying to leave) so I should have been free to post that Muricans are dummies and I should know. But (more important) the post was part of a note about the hundreds of thousands of people in the US who are buying the Trumpian argument that COVID is a big hoax. You can check this out on my posts the last few weeks. Someone wants people to think that the virus poses very little threat to live or health and its health threat is part of some sort of conspiracy to put Bill Gates in charge of injecting us all with microchips. Swear to God.

Oddly, as I pondered over my unwanted sabbatical, this article appeared in my feed. Compiled by Scientific American, it calls out Facebook for disparaging science that its sponsors do not accept. Specifically, Facebook has given ‘scientific review’ responsibilities to science deniers when it comes to environmental /global warming issues. This includes groups like Heartland Institute. According to Scientific American, Facebook has placed restrictions on one of the country’s most visible climate scientists, Katharine Hayhoe, of Texas Tech University and a lead author of the Fourth National Climate Assessment. She has been blocked from promoting videos related to climate research, a move that has limited her efforts to refute false claims.. Facebook has previously identified Hayhoe’s educational climate videos as “political.” As a result, they are categorized by the platform as a social issue that requires Hayhoe to register them by in part providing personal information that she fears could expose her to personal attacks..

Full article from Scientific American is here.

I haven’t had much time to follow Dr. Hayhoe or her work. I find her a bit optimistic about our prospects. But getting her work shut down points to a bad time ahead. And she’s been an effective spokesperson on the subject of climate change denial, which is a harder sell with the new-found restrictions on her posts.

And if FB can manage what a bonafide scientist can post, what about lil ol me? I’ve put up sharing sites on FB including THE NORWEGIAN BLUE SOCIETY, which shares vetted articles on global warming and feedback effects. I’ve noticed over the months that my shares are reaching a far smaller audience now than when I first launched the page. As I’ve said before, I’m not a big believer in conspiracy theory, but I also don’t give much cred to ‘coincidence theory’ either.

No good resolutions here. My friends have tried to leave FB in favor of the MEWE site. But there’s not enough traction there to compete with FB, unless you can convince people that Facebook really is kind of , you know, evil.

Read and weep.

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