Methane–from Planet Phuckett!!

As some might remember, my play PLANET PHUCKETT!! was web-cast last month. I wasn’t completely happy with the results (who KNEW making films was so hard???) and I’ve started a project to re-do it.

This is a segment of the original video and it explains why methane is a threat of extinction in the near term. I only needed four minutes to explain this concept, but the point is that our doom is sitting under the ice of the Laptev Sea and the permafrost of Siberia, all of which is sequestering trillions of tons of methane. Methane is some 100 times more potent as a Greenhouse Gas than CO2, and there’s lots of it. A heating event that melted the clathrate structures keeping the methane sequestered could turn the world into superheated planet like Venus. Take a look.

Help me by clicking ‘thumbs up’ on Youtube. Last video of mine to get received well was HOW TO STOP THE EMPIRE WHILE KEEPING YOUR DAY JOB, which garnered 13,000+ upclicks.

Peace love & methane.

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