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A producer suggested that I needed to make it easier to find my theater writing. Fair enough.

I’ve attempted to market my work for the better part of 30 years, with mixed success. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’m a talented playwright and screenwriter. So here’s a list of the plays I’ve written over the years, organized by type (full length/one-act/solo). the ones with red type have actually been produced.

Best way to contact me is at the bottom of the page. Say ‘heck yeah I wanna talk about doing one of these humdingers!’ You can also e-mail me at brookiynculturejammers@gmailcom. 


Coney island Greeting  a story about Russian mobsters in the Coney Island of the 1980’s. A detective from the Sam Spade school is trying to figure out who’s harassing an old Ukrainian shopkeeper. Lyrics written for music 1991

Battle for Potsdamer Platz: A retired OSS Man tells the story of his postwar recruitment of Germany’s Gehlen Org into the fledgeling CIA. He recounts this story the week of the fall of the Berlin Wall as the stories begin to come out about German manipulation of the actual Soviet military intentions.1991

CALCUTTA ON THE HUDSON: a play about NYC in the go-go era of Wall Street during the Reagan administration. A troubled analyst is lured into making insider trades by a manipulative manager. 1989

Petra Kelly speaks to power a biography of Petra Kelly, the co-founder of the German Green Party, and her unacknowledged part in the collapse of the Soviet Union. Questions about her murder and the attacks on her staged by the LaRouche organization. 1994

Snowhead junction a play about the drug scene in central Florida in 1980 as the most profitable drug changed from marijuana to cocaine and everyone got armed. 1993

The Blood of Lambs The story of an anti-nuclear peace action undertaken in the 1990’s by members of the Plowshares group. 1994

The Sweat of My Brow An evening of Monologues about working people’s lives in NY. 1996

Multi-character One acts

Shared Spaces. A comedy about trying to find a place to live in gentrified NYC back in the 80’s 1988

Gentrification, HO! A comedy about roommates.1990

The mighty Wurlitzer a comedy about the CIA fomenting a coup in a failing South American country.1991

The Lady’s Desk Warrant Society a drama. Three women arrested at an ACT UP 1992vdemonstration, and the police want one of them to snitch on the longtime activists.

The Surveillance Report Comedy. The FBI sends an agent to spy on Groucho Marx as a communist infiltrator with hilarious results.1998

Vira’s Ring: Comedy/Drama. A Family Thanksgiving is ruined when a long kept-family secret comes apart. One sister, who has been blamed for a jewelry theft, is cleared by another. But family resentments decades-old pop up. 1997

White Guys and Tree People Comedy. A test explosion of a nuclear device awakens the ghost spirits of Native Americans who come to claim vengeance.  1996

Lock and Load!  Two ostensible vets who’ve met at a Vietnam Veteran’s remembrance parade start drinking over old times. A gun is produced and one wants the other to shoot some people. 1997


THE WORLD’S HARDEST WORKING GORILLA: A semi-true story. In the 1950’s, General Motors tried to replace their labor force with gorillas. It didn’t work. And this gorilla explains why. 1994

A CLOWN, A HAMMER, A BOMB, AND GOD: Produced at the first NY Fringe Fest. The true story of a pacifist priest who shut down a nuclear weapons facility in North Dakota. It has toured the US and Europe.1997

A GOOD DAY 2 PIE: In 1990, an anarchist staged a ‘pie attack’ on the CEO of Monsanto to protest GMO food. This is her story in her words. 1997

ON THE GRID: A banker/loan consultant with the World Bank explains the purpose of bullying developing countries to get them ‘on the grid’. Written for the anti WTO protests that commenced in 1990 1995

HOW TO STOP THE EMPIRE WHILE KEEPING YOUR DAY JOB: A grizzled protester/pacifist explains to an audience of Occupy Wall Street enrollees the basics of how to make civil disobedience work for you. 2012

 THE BP BAYOU EXTINCTION BLUES: a Louisiana musician talks about how his life was turned around after he was exposed to the Corexit used to dilute the oil from the BP oil disaster in the Gulf. Produced as a radio play in 2015.

THE STORY OF FALLING DON: an autobiographical play of how I spent 9/11. It has been produced twice, most recently at Our Saviors Atonement in NYC. 2002

GOODNIGHT LBJ: a true story of a Vietnam vet who faced prosecut1ion for protesting the war while stationed in Cam Ranh Bay. 2000

TWENTY BLOCKS NORTH OF THE ROCKPILE: Another true story of 9/11 and what came afterwards, co-written by the actor who lived it, Ben Roberts. The play addresses the question of when you stop trusting the official story.2018

THE HUBBERT SLOPE: An oil geologist with a career spanning back forty years talks about the oil business and the Hubbert Peak (the theory that we’ll run out of usable oil in no more than 20 years).2005

PLANET PHUCKETT!! A climate scientist talks about his fear of the collapse of the environment as a result of global warming. A former teacher, he bemoans the students who didn’t understand the danger and explains dressing as a clown to keep their attention. And he tells us the story of his mother’s loss of life and why he thinks we’re on a road to planetary hospice. 2016

Again, if these titles interest you, let me know. The ones with red font should be on my blog here. And if you want to contact me, just leave a message.

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