The Story of Falling Don, 2022

What I looked like (mostly) on 9/11 2001. the picture is a bit photoshopped, but the office window I was next to faced the towers.

UPDATE 11/30/2021

Unless things go terribly wrong, I will be performing my play THE STORY OF FALLING DON early next year in NYC. Tickets will be affordable. Schedule not fixed.

From the original press release of 2016:

THE STORY OF FALLING DON is the true story of Mr. Kinch’s first day on a new job in the Wall Street district, which happened to put him in his new office at 9 AM on 9/11/2001. The office he worked in faced the Twin Towers, and gave him an unintended front-row seat on the attacks on the World Trade Center’s twin towers. THE STORY OF FALLING DON is a meditation on the people who died that day and those who die every day in acts of war or terrorism. As a playwright, Mr. Kinch tries to explore the question of forgiveness in a Christian context.

THE STORY OF FALLING DON was originally produced in 2002 as part of the Theater For the New City Lower East Side SCRATCH festival. It has been updated with the passing of time. Mr. Kinch’s body of work includes several one-person shows. His work has been toured in the US and Europe, and a reading of one of his plays was broadcast nationally on DEMOCRACY NOW!


I wanted to produce this awhile ago, and wasn’t able to find a venue for it until now. And why (you ask) is it relevant now? Because I’ve begun to see the chaos that the twenty year old exposure to all those toxins have done to people. Remember when Christie Todd Whitman (may she rot in hell) told us we were safe? You’ll swallow an extra dooky in Hell for that, Chrissy. It’s not something that gets mentioned enough (certainly not around the anniversary), and it isn’t just the first responders who suffered. We kept all those businesses open even as the cleanup went forward. There’s an accounting we need to make, and now’s the time. I wrote a short blog about it earlier this year.

This means I probably won’t be putting this play up on my Youtube channel just yet. I think the wait will prove worth it.

And I can also say that after the end of the FRIGID FEST, I can bring my play to your venue. It’s a one-person show with minimal set and no special lighting or sound. I need a place to sleep.

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