Stolen Elections– an anniversary

Photo from Greg Palast website on what a coup looks like.

We’re now a year into an insurrection by supporters of Donald Trump to play through the idea that 2020 was a stolen election and Biden ‘is not president’. If true this would be the second such case in my lifetime, but of course it isn’t true. Every judge and attorney in the 50 states has found the evidence presented untenable. But this is insurrection was a riot / revolution initiated and carried out by the Trump supporters. And despite the overwhelming evidence of Trump’s culpability for the worst attempt to overturn an election in 45 administrations, he’s still a free man. Or is 1/6 only a SECOND ATTEMPT to deny the will of the voters?

In 2000, the US experienced a stolen presidential election when the Republican Majority on SCOTUS decided that Bush should be president even though the only people stealing votes were republican operatives in Florida and even though nationwide, Gore got more votes. Scotus decided to give the presidency to W after Sandra Day O’Connor told the justices she wanted to retire and didn’t want Al Gore to pick her successor. this despite the fact that a recount showed that Gore would’ve won. This despite the fact that Jeb Bush and his SOS disenfranchised over 97,000 democrats through ‘voter caging’. Journalist Greg Palast explained it.

Despite the fact there was clear evidence that the election was stolen in 2000, There was no democrat Insurrection. Al Gore didn’t demand that his voters hit the streets—there was no uprising to overthrow a rigged election, probably because even the most passionate Democrat partisans knew of the probability of arrest or worse should they attempt to storm DC.

Fast forward to 2020:

Trump and his minions encouraged the insurrection, and would already be in prison if we lived in one of the other G20 countries the US trades with. But the insurrectionists gave no thought to the reality that if they were incorrect, they’d face prison time.Historically, the GOP had no reason to fear massive police response– in 2001 the Republicans had initiated the infamous BROOK BROTHERS RIOT in an attempt to disrupt any attempt at an honest count of the Florida vote. I’ve waited in vain for MSM to mention the roots of GOP vote disruption from 40 years ago.

And then, when it was clear the GOP had disenfranchised voters and thus the recount of the vote was itself suspect, the SUPREME COURT took it on itself to give the election to W. SCOTUS members did this as a favor to judge SANDRA DAY OCONNOR who declared that she planned to retire soon and didn’t want Gore to pick her Successor.

But as Greg Palast points out here, the 2020 event (if no one is prosecuted) was a PLANNING EVENT. . The next few weeks are crucial.

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