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Trump’s inauguration day–Live event?

Here’s the deal. I KNOW this is a historic Inauguration in two weeks. However, I’m wrasslin’ with that debbil unemployment, and I will not be heading to DC on January 20th for the purpose of making fun of Der Drumpf’s coronation. However, I have rewritten my play HOW TO STOP THE EMPIRE WHILE KEEPING YOUR […]

HOW TO STOP THE EMPIRE –the Trump era reboot

We are now in the Trump era. Even if the folks attempting to tip over Trump by begging electors to vote against the state totals, we will never be able as a nation to escape what has been wrought on us by this election. And I suspect all attempts to reboot the election will fail. […]

Inauguration Day 2013

Okay, in honor of his historic inauguration for a second term, I hereby declare a temporary honeymoon period with President Obama. ¬†While I have the same concerns today that I’ve expressed here before, I think his speech was worth hearing, and his embrace of Stonewall as part of the long history in this country of […]