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TPP passes initial vote–why it should be stopped now

  Prologue: I’m in a video. Did you know? Not the ones I’ve been in usually, but one made by my pal Monica Hunken (with cinematography and production work by Owen Crowley) about the TPP and it’s here: (if the video doesn’t play, you can always just follow the link to Youtube. ¬† If you […]

Police and the ‘canary in the coal mine’

(12/21) Let it be clear from the outset that my sympathy this morning lies with the families of¬†Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, the two NYPD police officers killed execution style in Bedford Stuyvesant yesterday. One was a newlywed, the other was a husband and father. Nobody needs or wants this. The killer has saddled two […]

“on the grid”: a play about exploitation and world finance

This is one of my ‘orphan’ plays, a monologue about the WTO. I thought about it a great deal after a recent debate on Facebook regarding colonialism and Africa. There’s apparently a significant number of people who believe that colonization of the developing world in the preceding half-century (which by definition has to include what […]