The Transform Now Plowshares

Quoted from The Nuclear Resister, a journal that’s been tracking civil disobedience against nuclear weapons since 1980:

Before dawn on July 28, 2012, Michael R. Walli (63), Megan Rice shcj (82), and Greg Boertje-Obed (57) carried out a disarmament action at the Oak Ridge Y-12 nuclear facility. 

Calling themselves Transform Now Plowshares, they hammered on the cornerstone of the newly built Highly-Enriched Uranium Manufacturing Facility (HEUMF), splashed human blood and left four spray painted tags on the recent construction which read: Woe to the empire of blood; The fruit of justice is peace; Work for peace not for war; and Plowshares please Isaiah
There’s a full account of the action here. Mainstream media that have dealt with this at all are talking about the ‘risk’ of having an 82 year old nun who can break into a nuclear facility. But the history of the Plowshares Movement, which dates back to 1980, is replete with such break-ins. On Good Friday 1994 (which fell on April Fool’s Day), Father Carl Kabat dressed as a Clown and broke into a Minuteman Missile Base. Asserting that he was a ‘Fool For Christ’, Kabat proceeded to to disable the missile by hammering on the rail that allows the silo door to open. Somebody should write a play about him. Oh, Wait
Anyway, keep your eye on this case (subscribe here).

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