We interrupt this blog… REVIEWS ARE IN!

Reviews of our performances at the Brooklyn Peace Fair earlier this year. We performed the plays A CLOWN, A HAMMER, A BOMB, AND GOD and A GOOD DAY 2 PIE.

An excerpt (SPOILER ALERT):

…playwright and performer Dan Kinch performing his one-person piece, “A Clown, a Hammer, a Bomb and God,” part of his Occupy the Empire tour. Dan said the play was based on a true story of an activist priest, Carl Kabat, who dressed in a clown suit and broke into a Minuteman II missile base in North Dakota. Funny and genuine, the performance was a powerful reminder of how easy it is to take action – both positive and negative.

In the afternoon, Kathleen Stansell was first to perform with her one-woman show about the Biotic Baking Brigade (BBB), “A Good Day 2 Pie.”The play, written by Dan Kinch, is also a part of the Occupy the Empire Tour. The BBB’s idea was to find particularly heinous politicians and business people and “pie” them – throw a pie in their face. Kathleen’s piece, which is largely about food and discusses genetically-modified foods, at length, was enlightening and funny. By the time the piece had finished, the Club Room was at standing-room-only capacity. This is when Kathleen pie-d herself.

Kathleen rocked the day. Want us to perform at your venue?

UPDATE 1/5/2013

Brooklyn For Peace keeps moving the review, so when you go to their site, click on ‘older’ at the bottom.

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