The 9/11 documentary you must see

Most of you who’ve been following this blog (I count in the low two figures, but who knows?) understand that I consider myself a survivor of 9/11. I was 800′ from the South Tower when it fell, and I remember looking UP from the 25th story of the building I was in as the top of the tower seemed to tilt toward me before falling conveniently into its own footprint. I thus have some personal stakes in the 9/11 truth movement.  And I’ve written two plays about the subject, including one that was performed at the Theater for the New City festival back in 2002.  It’s called The Story of Falling Don.

But I digress. I’ve watched with some sadness as the 9/11 Truth movement has dissolved into backbiting about theories and discussions of whether it was the CIA or the Mossad that bought the plane tickets, and who really profited from all the missing money and paperwork from Tower 7.  And though I’m a fan of the work of the Loose Change guys, some of their theorizing tends to turn off people who are not yet convinced.

So if you haven’t seen 9/11 Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak Out, sit down for awhile (it’s about two hours). It’s a simple video about 9/11 and the destruction of the buildings made by engineers and architects. For them, the issue of of those building failures goes to the heart of their profession. Every individual on tape starts off by introducing himself/herself, with a list of credentials: masters’ degrees in engineering or architecture or chemistry, more than a couple of PHd’s, and personal expertise. And every one of them drives another nail into the coffin of the Official Story. No one rides off the reservation on this–we don’t have disputes about passports or CIA files. They almost all fault NIST with suppression or destruction of evidence and they explain in detail the problems with the collapse stories. It’s especially worth watching for their dissection of the collapse of WTC 7, a building that was never hit by a plane.

And after you watch and think about it, decide whether you can live in a country with a lie this big at the heart of it.


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