A War Crime indictment for the use of drone aircraft

Protest at Hancock Air Force Base in NY State, where the indictment was served. from the Upstate NY Drone protest website

This is a follow-up to yesterday. I am simply reporting this news: it is not my post–it’s from Voices for Creative Nonviolence, a website I highly recommend for those who are trying to think of ways to stop the empire. Better yet, it’s a great website for those who are sitting on the fence about whether stopping the Empire is a necessary objective.

This indictment was served on Hancock Air Force Base, an Air National Guard facility near Syracuse NY which is flying the Reaper drone aircraft in Afghanistan and other locales. It was drawn up and the work of the Upstate NY Coalition to Ground the Drones and End The Wars, a peace action group that has been protesting at the base for awhile now.

Here’s the text of the indictment.

Those who pay attention to these things, take note–the main American crime Obama is accused of here is violation of the Supremacy clause, which holds that the president is beholden to uphold all treaties that have been ratified by the Senate. My understanding here is that the provisions of the UN that would apply are those that treat the fomenting of a war of aggression as the first and foremost of crimes against humanity. BTW, that same law would apply to George W Bush, since his war against Iraq was based on stove-piped evidence. The Spanish government (a NATO ally) was ready to indict Bush for War Crimes in 2009 but was ‘persuaded’ by the Obama administration to back off, a fact we know thanks to Wikileaks. W may still face justice for his role in torture. It’s kind of embarrassing when your former POTUS can’t travel overseas for fear of being arrested.

Wish the folks upstate good luck. And for the rest of us, as my friends in the peace community keep reminding me, if you’re living in the empire and you’re behaving yourself, you’re paying your taxes, you’re not out protesting and you’re not getting arrested, you own this.

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