Did the Romneys order Turkey Day from Boston Market?

So there’s a somber story being touted by Huffington Post about Willard Romney post-election. Apparently, Mr. Romney is so upset about his defeat, he’s at loose ends. He’s been seen pumping his own gas and even riding a roller coaster with his grandchildren. And according to the Washington Post, he’s been extremely closed up. according to the Post, Over Thanksgiving, one of Romney’s five sons, Josh, his wife and their four children packed into a single bedroom at the Spanish-style villa on Dunemere Drive here. One friend said they ordered their turkey dinner from Boston Market, the home-style restaurant chain, because there were too many kids running around the house to bother with cooking a feast.


A short detour here.

One of the things that I like about Michael Moore (besides his movies and his flipping of the Bird to Bush’s fake war at the 2003 Oscars) is the way he wrote about the 1% of the 1% after he became one of them.  He opened a window into the lives of people who never have to carry their own money or keep track of their own bank accounts or handle their own shopping (he cited the example of Elizabeth Taylor, who once bragged that she had never been inside a bank). No one in Hollywood  had to wait in line at the DMV or go to the passport office to obtain the documents. The stars and their producers haven’t had to get on a commercial airline in years. And the same is true with the corporate elite and the other plutocrats. Poppy Bush lost cred during his abortive re-election campaign when he was taken aback by a price-scanner. Senator Ben Nelson didn’t vote on the right side of a banking regulation about ATM fees because he has personally never had to use an ATM. And McCain (not born to wealth but married to a beer heiress) doesn’t use a computer and has no idea how one would work.

So needless to say, I find this story about the Romneys buying Thanksgiving Day dinner at Boston Markets extremely hard to swallow. This is a man who’s currently paying a La Jolla town lobbyist $21,000 to make sure his proposed home renovations are approved (he wants to add a 3,600 sf elevator-equipped car garage and rebuild the house to a total of 11,000 square feet). Are there really no servants or kitchen staff to accommodate you? Did you use your own credit cards? This is after all a man who (on the advice of handlers) put on a flannel shirt and made a pointless shopping trip into a hardware store to buy ‘hardware stuff’.

The election’s over, Mitt. You lost. Stop trying to pretend you’re ‘one of us’.

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