Merry Xmas, Peace activists. Now go to jail

Brian Terrell--peace activist and (now) prisoner.

Brian Terrell–peace activist, anti-drone warfare protester and (now) prisoner. photo from the clearstream media site.

Last night Brian Terrell, an activist who protested against the use of pilotless raptor drones in an assassination program championed by both the former and current occupant of the White House, began serving a six month sentence. His crime was going to the front gate of Whiteman AFB and asking how he and his friends could deliver a petition against drone strikes to the Commander of the base. In post-9/11 America, that rates 180 days behind bars. More about all that is here.

If you want to send him a supportive letter, you can contact him here.

P.O. BOX 700

Meanwhile, Helen John is also facing real jail time. A longtime British anti-nuclear activist and one of the original organizers of the protests at Greenham Common, Ms. John has of late protested US bases in Britain such as Menwith Hill, a giant listening station that records all electronic traffic (including internet) in all directions in Western Europe. She was also involved in protests in Britain’s drone program, a gift from the NATO coalition.  She (and her comrade in peace Sylvia Boyes) have been convicted under Britain’s Serious Organised Crime and Police Act which, one would suspect, was NOT written for locking up grandmothers engaged in peaceful nonviolent struggle. If you want to follow the whole video saga (some 30+ segments), go to their website.

And there’s news on the pre-trial maneuvering of Bradley Manning. His attorneys are arguing that Mr. Manning has been subjected to 917 days of cruel and unusual punishment (a violation of the UCMJ, which demands a trial within 120 days of incarceration. more about the trial is here.

There are support groups all over for all these folks. The Trifecta Resista has been championing Terrell and Manning.

Send them an Xmas card at least. Peace on earth and all that.

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