STILL don’t know much about History…II

Protester in Arizona reacting to anti-war protests in 2005. Just Sayin'.

Protester in Arizona reacting to anti-war protests in 2005. Just Sayin’.

So here’s the deal:

About a month ago, I posted an article about the problem of not having a common history in the United States. And by that, I meant that there are those inside of their own news bubbles who are not going to chance a lookup on Google to confirm or debunk some firmly-held belief. It’s why we’ve got a significant number of people ‘Muricans who still believe that Iraq had WMD.

That post got a large number of hits according to Mister WordPress–maybe the most I’ve ever had. So I thought I should post other subjects and facts.  As I said, we’re not going to find common ground if we can’t agree on some basics.

I was thinking about this over the last few days, and–just like that–the next installment appeared. Shannyn Moore is a liberal commentator with a special cross to bear–she’s in Alaska. For awhile, she was laser focused on the goings-on of Caribou Barbie, aka Sarah Palin, and her family. She was quoted and interviewed on lots of news shows in the lower 48, but Moore’s national prominence has faded as it has become clear that Palin won’t be a player on the national scene.

Now Shannyn is hosting a radio show on KOAN(a Fox affiliate) in Anchorage. Here was the conversation that made a lot of us shake our heads. A listener called in and said that he didn’t trust the President and he thought he’d “made the Sandy Hook Shooting happen” in order to get re-elected.

Moore patiently explained to the listener that this was not possible, since the election happened in November and the shooting happened in December.

Said the caller: “That’s your opinion”.

I think I’ll have plenty to blog about here.

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