being cranky about the Sequester (short)

Re the Sequester as a way to ‘fix’ the Deficit:

Three out of five jobs created since the Crash of 2008 pay subsistence wages. For better than a decade, we’ve been shipping jobs overseas thanks to the removal of trade tariffs (due to NAFTA and GATT and all the other agreements) and the giving of tax breaks for companies that off-shore (a process started by Reagan–google Caribbean Basin Initiative) . S 3816, the Senate bill that would have ended the tax giveaways, was scuttled two years ago when the Repubs invoked cloture (requiring a super-majority to vote for it).

We are not going to get the economy moving until we get back the jobs that pay middle-class wages back in this country. Right now (per the BLS), the ‘growth fields’ for employment are in low wage service jobs (‘hospitality’, retail, hospital orderlies and home health attendants). Anything else–anything that produces manufactured goods or any knowledge job that doesn’t require boots on the ground–is going to India and China.

And Boehner and friends can yell about cutting the budget all they want–you’re never going to balance the budget if your workforce is all on subsistence wages. A country full of service workers, waiters, and janitors can’t pay enough in taxes to service a trillion dollar a year military establishment or pay enough FICA to enable all those Baby Boomer seniors to eat something besides dog food.

Per Forrest Gump, that’s all I have to say about that.


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