My place-holder post about WBCR and Bradley Manning

Last night, we had a terrific guest on WBCR’s Sex And Politics–actress/playwright and activist Claire Lebowitz, who filled in our audience about the events at Bradley Manning’s hearing yesterday at Fort Meade, Maryland.  The show will be available shortly on Podcast. And I will be putting up a longer post about this over the weekend. In the meantime, the details you need to know about the hearing–and Manning’s future disposition–are documented on the Bradley Manning website.

One of the campaigns they’ve started on the site is a posting campaign called “I AM BRADLEY MANNING”. You send them a picture of yourself with those words. I’ve been waiting to post this old picture for awhile now (found it during the WBCR debate on gun ownership). so here–I AM BRADLEY MANNING.


I am Bradley Manning.

I am Bradley Manning.

More news in days to come.

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