Don’t know much about history–Stories I told you about first

Richard Nixon. 37th president, the only US president to resign office, the only president whose crimes were big enough to require a presidential pardon. War criminal and (we know now) traitor. from Wikileaks Commons.

Back in January, I posted a story here  about the LBJ Library’s release of information about the theft of the 1968 Presidential election. Specifically, I was reporting that the information released confirmed that Richard Nixon sabotaged the Paris Peace Talks in 1968 in order to win the election. He sent information via intermediaries to the South Vietnamese delegation, telling them they’ get a much better deal if they held out and Nixon was elected.

I am pleased to note that FINALLY somebody in the relative mainstream has picked up this story. Last night on the Rachel Maddow Show, Maddow finally made this her top story (though she was using it to talk about the GOP rewriting of the history of why we went into Iraq). You can check out her story here.

Dear Rachel: I am a lowly blogger and I need a job. Please call me. You won’t be sorry.

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