This week Sex and Politics–women’s health and breast cancer

James Brophy, a Canadian researcher who co-authored a new study linking breast cancer to high exposure to industrial plastics in factories. The peer-reviewed study was released last November

This Thursday on Sex and Politics, we’re doing a special show on health issues for women, and I’d like you to listen in. I’ll be talking to James Brophy, a Canadian researcher and co-author on a new study indicating links between breast cancer incidence and exposure to substances in plastics. While the study concentrated on Canadian women who worked in factories using plastics, many of the substances (such as BPA’s) are ubiquitous in our environment.

Mr. Brophy is one of the researchers featured in Pink Ribbons, Inc, a 2011 documentary about the intense focus of organizations like Susan G. Komen and the American Cancer Society on cancer cures–and their apparent lack of interest in looking into causes of our epidemic incidence of breast cancer. The film calls out many in the breast cancer ‘support’ industry for double-dealing– some of the bigger supporters of Breast Cancer Awareness month are making cosmetics or other personal care products that contain suspected carcinogens such as BPA. In Pink Ribbons, Inc, this practice is called out as ‘Pinkwashing‘. Mr. Brophy’s work (and advocacy)puts  a very different spin on what we of the general public ‘know’ about this disease.

And if you want to see the documentary yourself, you can. It had a very limited run here in the US, but it’s available for purchase here.  And you can see the trailer on Youtube:

The fun starts at 9:30 PM EDT. You can listen online or you can wait for the podcast.

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