Court, Day 1: Bright then boring

Day one of the Court case for the Transform Now Plowshares, on trial for breaking into the Y12 nuclear production plant, hanging posters and pouring blood there.

Transform Now Plowshares

“Let’s stop pouring our billions into false, impossible security.” — Sister Megan Rice

Anabel Dwyer put the focus on this quote of Sister Megan’s this morning as she addressed a handful of media representatives at the Transform Now Plowshares pre-trial press orientation.  Nuclear weapons have unavoidable catastrophic global effects, and nuclear “security” is a sham.  As Paul and Anabel briefed the press, a crowd of supporters and onlookers began to gather at the other end of Market Square, tuned into the drumbeats that signaled the beginning of a prophetic tableau.

Giant blindfolded puppets walked towards the crowd, carrying a huge cardboard nuclear weapon.  Sue, dressed as a jester, announced, “These people have been specially chosen to go from town to town bringing this BEAUTIFUL RESOURCE that their country has poured thousands of dollars into, that they are so happy to bring for all to see!”

Untitled-5“Our first citizen believes that…

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