If Today We Hear God’s Voice

trial begins for the Transform Now Plowshares.

Transform Now Plowshares

Dear friends,

P1010180“Our prayer is that this trial can truly be an occasion to continue the transformation process that began at Y-12 on July 28th.  We pray for open hearts and minds and for the ongoing conversion of everyone involved in the trial, to the way of love, nonviolence, and justice.

Let us be clear.  Sister Megan, Greg, and Michael have committed no crime.  Rather it was their intent to prevent a crime, and uphold God’s law and international law.”

— Art Laffin, leading the Transform Now Plowshares supporters in prayer outside the courtroom this morning.

After hours of courtroom tedium yesterday, today our hearts were ready to welcome the voices of our friends.

The government presented its case first, insinuating all sorts of fear, disorder, and extremism, and then the defense reframed the issue.  Chris Irwin, like Francis Lloyd after him, emphasized the nonviolence of the defendants…

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