Transform Plowshares found Guilty

Michael Walli, Sister Megan Rice and Greg Boertje in prayer at their trial yesterday, Art Laffin leading the service.

Not to keep anybody guessing. The Transform Now Plowshares jury just came back with guilty verdicts on vandalism and sabotage charges. The latter carries a possible prison sentence of 20 years.  There’s an article here. The pertinent fact about the sabotage charge:

In order to be found guilty of sabotage, the jury must believe that the three protesters went on to Y-12 property with the intent to interfere with nuclear security. That’s exactly what the prosecution contends. They also say the act damaged the credibility of Y-12 worldwide.

Kind of a leap for the jury–and part of the problem of the prosecution’s motion in limine, which limits the defense testimony about the motivation for the action.

I keep telling folks–stop worrying about the protest and start getting busy on Jury Nullification.

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