Who is my neighbor?

The details of the last day of testimony and judgment of the Transform Now Plowshares. Written better than I could, covering more facts than I can.

Transform Now Plowshares

Dear friends,

First, the facts.  Greg, Megan, and Michael were found guilty today of both counts brought against them — sabotage and depredation of government property — and they were remanded from the courtroom as we sang them rounds of “Rejoice in the Lord Always,” and “Vine and Fig Tree.”  The prosecution has stated that the defendants stand convicted of a “crime of violence”; if this is the case, law requires that they remain in prison until sentencing.  They will spend the night in jail, and we will return to the courtroom tomorrow at 9:00 to see what the judge will decide.

In light of these heavy facts, it might seem irrelevant to share with you the evidence presented today in the courtroom.  But truth-telling deserves to be celebrated — even if the jury wasn’t swayed, glimmers of truth did make their way into courtroom, thanks to the sharp minds…

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