Breast cancer–information you need

James Brophy, researcher and co-author of a study of breast cancer incidence in women workers exposed to BPA in factories.

A couple of months ago on Sex and Politics, I interviewed James Brophy, a cancer researcher in Canada. Professor Brophy is featured in the breast cancer documentary PINK RIBBONS, INC. His study indicated huge increases in breast cancer incidence in pre-menopausal women exposed to BPA in industrial settings (factories that make plastics for automobiles; canneries that use BPA to line cans). It was a great interview, and Brophy has some interesting points to make about the pernicious effects of the Reaganite/Thatcherite attacks on epidemiology studies. Brophy points out that more than half the breast cancer patient population consists of women who don’t have any of the risk factors for the disease.  Something else is at work, and Professor Brophy’s projects point to it.

You can find a podcast of the interview here–our interview with Professor Brophy is at the top of the show. But stay tuned for the other information you’ll get from our Women’s Health show. And if you get a chance, see the documentary PINK RIBBONS, INC., which talks about the cancer industry and the ‘pink-washing’ of carcinogenic products such as endocrine-disrupting plastics.  And you can link back to my original promotional note here— it links to articles about Professor Brophy and his article’s publication last year.

There’s an epidemic of all sorts of cancers in the US–and the ‘medical industrial complex’ wants to talk cures, not prevention.

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