Another Occupy Bull Connor Moment–Carmen Pittman tasered

Carmen Pittman, an Occupy Atlanta activist who was part of a group of protesters in front of Eric Holder’s Justice Department, was tasered by Capitol police today. For over a year, she and her family fought an attempt by Chase to foreclose on her grandmother’s house. She’s one of a group of activists who were in DC to demand that the Justice Department start perp-walking the banks involved in shenanigans around illegal foreclosures.

From Huffington Post, which had chronicled her earlier fight to save her grandmother’s home:

On Tuesday, she (Pittman) was camped out in front of the Department of Justice in Washington, having been fully transformed into an activist by her experience, asking why more Pittmans have been arrested related to the foreclosure fraud crisis than top Wall Street executives. She was answered with a stun gun.

The video above shows three large men surrounding Pittman as she tries to cover her face. Abruptly, an officer tasers her, and she crumples to the ground before being hauled off and arrested.

Pittman’s arrest came a day after 17 former homeowners were arrested, according to District of Columbia police, some of them also tasered while demonstrating outside the DOJ building.

Holder didn’t come out, but his goons did. And that’s what the video shows–Pittman had joined arms and was offering no resistance except making it hard to handcuff her, but that was enough provocation for one of those big cops to hit her with a taser.

Remember that between the Wall Street Casino and the Banksters, some $22 TRILLION DOLLARS left the US economy. As one early OWS protester’s protest sign read “If we enforced financial regulations like we enforce park rules, we wouldn’t be in this mess“. Per James Howard Kunstler, the illegal mortgage foreclosures and the absence of prosecution for them are exhibit A that we are in a lawless state reminiscent of the Wild West. The Banksters, like the Cattle barons of old, own the sheriffs and the judges and THEY SAY what the law is, regardless of what’s on the books. And for Ms. Pittman and others, get out of the way–the law has been bought off.

And we’re back to the question I asked last year–When does one of these events add up to the BULL CONNOR MOMENT FOR OCCUPY? In 1963, when Bull Connor’s police brutalized voting rights protesters, the film was shown on every network news show. And JFK was so personally incensed, he went to work on the legislation that became the Civil Rights act.  Unfortunately, Obama isn’t some spectator–his DHS and his Justice Department have helped coordinate the police suppression of the Occupy Movement. So it’s time for people to make it clear that all the elected officials acting as apologists and flunkies for the banksters have to go. Is it going to take video of someone being killed?

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