At Last! The GOP ‘fesses up about Willard’s taxes!!!

As at least 35 of you know by now (I know–I check hits daily), I followed the story of Willard Romney’s taxes and what he paid into the IRS for much of the last election. This was following up on the allegation by Harry Reid that the Mittster hadn’t been paying anything for a ten-year period. Willard Mitt denied it of course, said he had paid at least 13% (small change compared to his dad George, but that’s another matter).

Well now, as part of the dust-up over the IRS’ investigation into the finances of various Tea Party non-profit entities, the GOP has demanded that Harry Reid testify about getting Romney’s tax info from the IRS. Lots of yelling and hollering.

As I wrote last year, Bloomberg News had gotten to look at details about Romney’s taxes. Those details revealed that Romney had participated in an abusive tax shelter called a CRUT. Such a scheme would have involved the Mormon Church. For me, the tell was that the whistle was blown by Harry Reid–as a fellow Mormon, he might well have been privy to insider talk about Romney’s scheme.  And as a fellow Mormon, he might have found Romney’s behavior off-putting enough to blow the whistle.

And now, the GOP has admitted that Romney was involved in shenanigans with how he paid his income taxes–and therefore, by extension, that HARRY REID WAS RIGHT. So go ahead, RNC Chairwoman Kirsten Kukowski–explain to everyone why the GOP ran a presidential candidate who believes that ‘only little people pay taxes’. Tell us why the GOP heavy hitters like Ron Johnson defended Romney’s withholding of tax info and demanded that Reid apologize to the Senate when he was right.

Waiting for Ron Johnson to apologize, but not holding my breath.

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