If you are free next Monday, come by and see my play

How to Stop the Empire--a play about occupations

You know the drill, right?

I will be performing my famous play HOW TO STOP THE EMPIRE WHILE KEEPING YOUR DAY JOB this MONDAY, October 21, as part of the Theater for the New City Scratch Night Festival. This will be the full version of the play, incorporating both information about the second anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street Movement and our funny little fracas over the Government Shutdown.  We start at 7 PM. I’ll have you out in time to find a nice Indian place on Curry Row well before 8.

There is a small ticket charge (could be $5 or so). The good news:

  • You will be sitting down on a cushioned chair;
  • You will be indoors;
  • You will not be subject to arrest during the proceedings–and neither will I.

Drop by and say hello or some other polysyllabic greeting.

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