Fukushima in focus–this week’s Sex and Politics

Karl Grossman, award-winning journalist who’s written about issues surrounding nuclear power and nuclear weapons for over 20 years.

This Thursday on Sex and Politics, We’ll be speaking to Karl Grossman. Grossman has spent the last few decades writing about all things nuclear–everything from nuclear power to nuclear weapons to NASA’s use of plutonium power to drive its satellites. He’s a frequent citation in Project Censored, which tries to share stories that are well-researched and important but aren’t picked up by the mainstream media. Karl will be joining us to talk about the ongoing crisis at Fukushima. It isn’t just about avoiding pacific Tuna. And Grossman will talk to us about the larger implications of the Fukushima meltdown for US nuclear power and the drive to start building new plants here.

We’ll also be looking at issues around New York’s own Indian Point Power Plant, with some 17 million people living within 50 miles. Can NY be evacuated if there’s a problem at Indian Point? Wouldn’t it be nice to know?

Tune in at WBCR, Thursday starting at 9 PM. And remember, you can catch our shows on podcast if you can’t join us live.


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