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Fukushima–the other shoe dropping six years later

I have eased off on pronouncements on Fukushima over the past year or so. For those of you not following, several reactors went into full meltdown after the town of Fukushima, Japan was hit by a giant tsunami six ¬†years ago (the anniversary is coming up).Every indication is that things are getting worse. Reports from […]

Fukushima in focus–this week’s Sex and Politics

This Thursday on Sex and Politics, We’ll be speaking to Karl Grossman. Grossman has spent the last few decades writing about all things nuclear–everything from nuclear power to nuclear weapons to NASA’s use of plutonium power to drive its satellites. He’s a frequent citation in Project Censored, which tries to share stories that are well-researched […]

Revisiting the Superbowl blackout

Five days ago, I sounded off on the failure of the lights in the Superdome during the Super Bowl. My point was that we are falling apart as a country when it comes to technology. It has been some 40 years since we got to the point we were landing men routinely on the Moon, […]