Fukushima–the other shoe dropping six years later

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I have eased off on pronouncements on Fukushima over the past year or so. For those of you not following, several reactors went into full meltdown after the town of Fukushima, Japan was hit by a giant tsunami six  years ago (the anniversary is coming up).Every indication is that things are getting worse. Reports from various sources indicate that the ionizing radiation output from inside the Reactor 2 building is climbing–output of 520 Sieverts (high enough to disable robots, well beyond the single-figure sievert exposure needed to kill people). And a few years ago, I passed along one of the few factoids that has come out about Fukushima in recent months–that the fuel inside the reactors is gone. That means it’s either melting down through the earth’s core, or it has been blown out or burned up and added to the particulate floating in the air or the ocean. Either way, it’s a potential death sentence for the planet. We don’t have to wait for Arctic Ice meltdown–the radiation unleashed by Fukushima is enough to terminate life in the decade or less it will take for the Arctic Methane Emergency Group’s warned temperature bump. 


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Here’s a collection of articles on the subject. I trust sources like The Guardian, a bit less so sources like the Natural News website. But the ‘fake news’ conundrum doesn’t apply here–relative to the threat posed by Fukushima’s degenerating reactors (which contrary to MSM bromides have NEVER been stabilized, and probably CAN’T be stabilized), there’s virtually nothing Trump can do short of accessing the nuclear launch codes that would pose as much of an existential threat to the world. In the meantime, you could do worse than keep up with the Rainbow Warriors group  and the 311 Fukushima Watchdog group on Facebook–the moderator keeps the nutjob postings to a minimum, and there’s some actual vetting of articles. It’s here. And Here. You might also go to d’un Renard’s wordpress site. He’s one of the people who has been assiduously following what happens in Japan since the beginning, and he’ll be heading to Japan to discuss the real deal on Fukushima. He also runs 311 Fukushima Watchdogs, and he could use your help. . You might drop some coin in his funding. 

Anyway, the most interesting/terrifying articles to read as we head towards next Saturday and the sixth anniversary of the worst industrial disaster in history. This may be the disaster (more than NTHE) that drove the late Michael C. Ruppert to suicidal despair (follow the link to listen to his Fukushima episode of ‘Apocalypse, Man’ on Youtube).

Overview of catastrophe

Guardian: Radiation levels are highest since initial meltdown

Japan Times–radiation at highest level ever–530 Sieverts recorded

Smoke is leaking from Reactor 1. Video taken within last month. 

Billions of dead fish have washed up in American Pacific coasts–radiation poisoning indicated.

Japanese government caught in massive coverup of runaway nature of Fukushima disaster.

At this point (3/1/2017), cleanup companies still can’t design robots that can survive the radiation.


I went to an event at the New York Ethical Culture Society last week. Author and Climate scientist James Hansen (and moderator Jeffrey Sachs) were the speakers. The ostensible purpose (according to the web-page): 

At this event, Professor Jeffrey Sachs will be discussing the reality and ethical dimension of climate change—including in terms of what New York City can do to align with the Paris Agreement and decarbonize its energy system—with one of the world’s leading climate scientists, Dr. James Hansen. Dr. Hansen, formerly Director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, is now based at Columbia University’s Earth Institute. He is best known for his testimony on climate change in the 1980s that helped raise awareness on global warming. He is a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and has received numerous awards including the Sophie and Blue Planet Prizes. Dr. Hansen is recognized for speaking truth to power and for outlining actions needed to protect the future of young people and all species on the planet.


Hansen and Sachs on Thursday at the Society for Ethical Culture


Spoiler alert–Hansen and Sachs are advocating that we switch to nuclear power. Seriously. Friends in the NTHE movement have castigated Hansen in the past because he refuses to acknowledge just how desperate the situation is with regard to climate–and nothing he presented on Thursday night would lead anyone to believe that we’re not on the path to doom. But to present nuclear power as salvation for anything (knowing what we know about Fukushima) is lunacy. And it doesn’t take into account the non-catastrophic problems with going nuclear (including lack of uranium fuel and safe ways to dispose of the waste).

As for Jeffrey Sachs, an academic who’s now advising New York Mayor Bill de Blasio on climate friendly use of energy for the city, he seems to still think that we can have a Hydrogen economy, something that has been effectively debunked since 2006 when even George W Bush had to walk back from it. And Sachs was also cheerleading for nuclear. Even if we could fix all the problems with nuclear and make it safer, the reality is that if we decided to start building nuke plants on mass scale, we’d need to bring hundreds of them online before we’d have any discernible effect on fossil fuel-driven global warming. 

I should point out that both men were booed for bringing up nuclear. And it was clear from their body language that neither wanted to engage on the issue–Sachs made a cheap comment equating those who were against nuclear power to being the people who were responsible for 10,000 people dying from the effects of fossil fuels (I would’ve liked to see him talk about the estimated 984,000+ who’ve died from Chernobyl as of 2007). Sachs has the ear of many politicians. the fact that he’ll be advising good corporatist Dems on such issues is depressing.

Reviving nuclear power is at best a hail-Mary pass from an industrial civilization that’s probably sealed its own doom. Ask the refugees of Fukushima.



  1. I admire many of the information sources mentioned above, especially some of the authoritative sources related to those following Anthropogenic Climate Disruption (ACD) effects. I also concur that much of the stories circulating on the internet, regarding the triple reactor meltdown at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant complex, are highly distorted accounts aimed at those who want to see it as a massive cover-up conspiracy event.

    I noticed that the article lacked accuracy when it mentioned that “…the town of Fukushima, Japan was hit by a giant tsunami…” That town is inland and wasn’t struck by the tsunami. Many mainstream news articles tried to make it appear that the recently measured 520 Sieverts radiation reading was an indication of climbing radiation levels at the site. It was not. The reading was due to the robot getting closer to the relocated core material than any previous excursion. The measurement would have been far greater if the robot had gone to the same location five years ago. That is because the level of radiation has been decreasing due to natural radioactive decay. Most readers and writers of this blog are probably not familiar with subjects like radioactive decay.

    For those who are seeking solid independent researched evidence I suggest visiting the following site.

    The Fukushima Project

    One of the widely circulated articles, “Fukushima Radiation Makes Landfall On US West Coast – And It’s Only The Beginning,” is now being hosted by many news aggregator sites and is authored by Whitney Webb. She does have much knowledge in the field of permaculture farming but virtually no technical background knowledge related to this story she has greatly embellished upon.

    I’ve posted the following critique which has largely been ignored by those who prefer the fear-mongering, sensational, and conspiracy approaches.

    The internet is filled with articles that feed the desires of conspiracy fans. These articles tend to be fact distorting fear-mongering exposés that do more harm to the activist community than help them. They also tend to distract attention away from effects caused by Anthropogenic Climate Disruption (ACD) that many people avoid considering how serious it is.

    Most readers of such articles don’t bother to research their accuracy. Most of them would never consider checking what Snopes.com has discovered about similar articles. These stories have been shared by thousands of people who never bothered to check the facts.

    Fukushima Radioactive Water Leak Chart

    No, These Photos Don’t All Show the Effects of the Fukushima Disaster on Marine Life

    Fukushima Radiation Causes 100% Infant Mortality Among Orca Whales

    Nuclear Fallout Map

    Mutant Daisies. Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Fasciation

    Explosive News

    Extremely sensitive radiation detection measurements have detected radioactive cesium-134 isotopes on the eastern side of the Pacific Ocean that came from the Fukushima Dai-ichi NPP triple reactor meltdown fiasco. What the fear mongering articles fail to mention is that the detected levels were many orders of magnitude below the level that would likely produce pathological conditions.

    Such distorted articles simply play into the hands of the pro-nuclear forces who want to discredit the activist community as peddling bull-crap. In other words the efforts of some of these activists, to alert the public, is likely to backfire on them.

  2. This is a comment on the above article titled ‘Fukushima – The Other Shoe Dropping Six Years Later’

    This is just another distracting sensational fear-mongering article by an author that has no nuclear technical background and who has been informed by similar folks. It became clear to me when he stated “…after the town of Fukushima, Japan was hit by a giant tsunami six years ago.” If he was aware of the the facts he would have known that the city of Fukushima was well inland so it was not directly impacted by the tsunami. The vast majority of people who read and spread crap like this have no clue that the presented story is highly distorted and they tend to have no interest in critically reviewing the article before sharing it widely.

    A much better source of information follows. It doesn’t contain the sensational accounts that most people crave so it rarely gets shared.

    The Fukushima Project

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