Rise up for the unemployed this Friday

unemployment protest

A protest for the Unemployed this Friday at 12 PM.

Occu-Evolve is organizing a protest specifically around the issue of unemployment. It’s Friday at noon.

Here’s why you should be there:

  • Despite the much touted ‘recovery’, adult employment participation is lower than it has been since married women started entering the workforce in 1978. Since 1978, it has taken most families 104 weekly paychecks to keep the bills paid the way 52 did in the 1960’s;
  • The Congress refused to extend UI last December, even with a record number of people being unemployed for 26 weeks or longer;
  • Since 2009, 95% of economic gains have gone to the top 1%;
  • If you’re unemployed, you should show up because you need to be seen by the talking heads who are ignoring the employment problem;
  • If you are underemployed (you’ve been downgraded to part-time status or you are working multiple jobs because no single job provides you with sufficient income to cover your bills) you should show up because you’re being counted as ’employed’;
  • If you are employed you should show up because in this economy, you could be joining the ranks of the unemployed very easily.
  • You should show up if you’re one of  the twenty million recent college graduates now employed in entry-level retail or ‘hospitality’ positions because the economy isn’t creating college level jobs– if your newly-minted BA has you babysitting and cleaning houses for the 1%;
  • You should show up if your story is like so many I’ve heard over the past four years– you feel yourself in the cross-hairs because there are dozens of people on the street desperate to take your job at far less money than you make, you’ve noticed that all the new hires are decades younger than you, and you’ve been priced out of your own neighborhood by the new elite of the financial class.

There’s information on the demonstration on the Occu-Evolve Facebook Page.

Some links that tell the story from above:

College graduates working at low-level jobs

Longterm unemployment record

Income gains went to the 1%

Middle class jobs replaced by low-wage jobs

One comment

  1. If you are employed you should show up because in this economy, you could be joining the ranks of the unemployed very easily. If your into the unemployment movement then you know the sign on trk387 To whoever is in charge ” asking the EMPLOYED to help the unemployed is MORONIC. The employed BELIEVE 387% that the long term unemployed are bums and refuse to work. They have jobs so therefore they can’t understand how these people are not working. TRUST me I talk to the employed all the time, this is the consensus… Now this protest your going to have? Better have a few 100K attending or your simply entertaining the stock brokers. The OWS movement what did it accomplish? Really nothing. I APPLAUD your efforts, but its futile… sorry. I wish you all the luck in your endeavors but they just don’t care. Do you know what MIND SET is? The GOP is mindset to destroy this president at any cost. There is ONLY one thing that will bring the ext, the abolishment of the ACA. THIS is what they are holding out on, If you watch c-span II this is all they cry about all day long, GOP senator after GOP senator. trk387

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