Hip Hop Happy Time!

My spandex tuxedo--perfect for summer formals that involve biking.

My spandex tuxedo–perfect for summer formals that involve biking.


Yes, I’m depressing to read lately. Don’t know why anybody would follow my posts.

And this week just passed was the week that crap blew up all over the place.

The week of the Methane Bubble in Siberia.

The week when a Malaysian airliner got shot down over Ukraine.

The week when a whole lot of shoes dropped in the Middle East. Protests worldwide this week. The assault on Gaza continues. 

The week when we had police footage of the NYPD killing Eric Gardner by putting him in a choke hold for the high crime of selling cigarettes. Al Sharpton is now involved. The officers have had their badges and firearms suspended pending investigation. Protests here in NY since Friday. Has the NYPD finally provoked what should be called the Bull Connor moment?

On a personal note, still trying to get employment. I had  some leads. I hate to keep bringing this up but it would sure help my emotional state. 

I did learn an iconic 70’s rock song guitar riff (you only have to listen to the first 51 seconds–I can’t play the rest yet). Thanks, Chris!

But isn’t my spandex tuxedo (seen above) spiffy?

I’m trying to write something funny yet touching and worth listening to about the laugh riot that is near term human extinction. I also have a monologue in the works about a headless chicken. The weather has been perfect for riding a bicycle lately. 

Tomorrow is Monday. By the time you read this, you will know whether things are working better (albeit for a Monday).

Peace and all that.










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