Climatezilla–on a Youtube Channel near you

This is a video put together by the wonderful folks at the People’s Puppets of Occupy Wall Street. They’re heavily participating in the People’s Climate March, happening on September 21. I’ve addressed all the factoids in another post. I even interviewed one of the organizers on Sex and Politics.  

I am in this video (briefly, thank GOD) promoting your involvement in the People’s Climate March. I think I’m briefly in the video running away from Climatezilla (ostensibly because I’m not a fan of blue spandex). 

But I hope people have the right idea about what’s involved here. This is not a one-off. I had more than a few friends who went to the big Washington DC protests against Vietnam in the late 60’s and were under the whimsical notion that because x million people showed up to protest on one day, Nixon would say ‘oh well’ and pull the troops out. The value of the un-drilled oil and methane and coal is in the trillions, and if we want to save the planet, it all has to stay in the grounds. If you think the oil and gas companies are going to write off those investments without a huge fight, I have a bridge to sell you. And let’s face it–our lives are infinitely easier because of all the things energy does for us, and the cheapest energy (once you factor out the external costs) happens to come from dead dinosaurs. 

This is a long fight and we’re barely begun. But you have to have a first day so you can have a second day. Get it?

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