Brooklyn Culture Jam Radio welcomes Pauline Schneider

Pauline Schneider

Tonight (Thursday) on the Brooklyn Culture Jam radio program:

Pauline Schneider Is a self-described Landscape Designer & Edible Forest Gardener, Videographer, Documentarian, Educator (social studies & special education), Artist (sculpture, painting, photography,etc.), and songwriter. She is currently working on documentary on the topic of Near Term Human Extinction with Dr Guy McPherson. We’re going to talk tonight about the tour that Guy McPherson had begun only recently, and some setbacks along the way. Guy’s message is a hard sell in any case–he’s talking about near-term human extinction, after all. And we’ll talk about the ‘audience participation’ part of activism (that includes you). 

You can hear us live on 1090 AM in Brooklyn (WBCR) and you can hear a web-cast at be there at 8 PM eastern Daylight Time. Or you can wait for the Podcast.

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