Thanks Dr. Evil! Fossil Fuel Propaganda Misfire Goes Viral

The PR agencies retained by the fossil fuel people push back on negative perceptions. Their villain is Bill McKibben for wanting to keep all of us from burning all the energy we can because we’re ‘Muricans. While this is a misguided attempt to move the guilt onto climate activists, the reality is that (as I pointed out a few days ago) many climate activists are not honest with themselves about how hard getting off fossil fuels will be and how much doing so would change the way we live and work. As author James Howard Kunstler has repeatedly pointed out, ” no combination of wished-for alternative energy schemes based on so-called “renewables” will allow us to keep running (the US)”.

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Every once in a while we can pull back the curtain and get a good look at the evil elves and Madison Avenue Orcs deployed by the fossil fuel barons. Look hard, climate deniers. This is the man pulling your strings.

Posted by a front group called the “Environmental Policy Alliance”, this corporate forged “viral” video popped up a couple days ago. Had to check and make sure this wasn’t a joke, but it’s real.

mckibbenevil Evil, Scary Bill Mckibben from the video

Check out the video above for the hilarious/bad caricature of Bill Mckibben, and for the ‘fossil fuel” girl friend, who I guess is supposed to be attractive, but unfortunately for the producers, looks disturbingly like “Mr Hanky” of South Park fame.  The piece is getting a lot of views, but maybe not for the reasons the client hoped.


Big Green Radicals is a front group operated by…

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