The Global Climate March NYC, November 2015

The Flier for today's event

The Flier for today’s event

Today there was a Climate March in NYC. I was there. I made the trip in my costume for Planet Hospice. And I carried a sign designed for the moment.

The sign I carried.

The sign I carried. Please download and make into a t-shirt.

Many pictures were taken of me (many by people with press credentials).

Planet Hospice--a lighthearted romp through human extinction. Sorry about the bear pic--ursine scheduling glitch.

I sort of looked like this, but without the hockey stick (Police get nervous about things that can be used as weapons)

I don’t know whether any will be in news feeds. And more than a few were willing to ask me questions.  The larger question is the impact–I had hoped the demo would be big enough to take over the streets, but there was no doing. Some optimists are saying there were over 2,000 protesters. I’m curious as  to the demographics of the attendees–the majority of the people I saw on the trains going to City Hall were trending into the baby-boomer demo.

I think some people were upset with the very idea of Near Term Human Extinction being placed into the mix of ideas. But I’m less concerned with that than I am with the lack of turnout. There was international interest in climate as a result of the opening of the Paris COP21 meeting. In Paris, the police are spraying tear gas and demonstrators forbidden from marching in Paris were putting 10,000 pairs of shoes out in protest. NYC, the media capital, couldn’t find more than 2,000 people? What is everyone waiting for? total collapse?



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