More about ‘Planet Hospice’

So, thanks to journalist and activist Paul DeRienzo, I’ve got a picture of myself participating in last Sunday’s Climate March in NYC. And yes, people did talk to me about extinction. Not many (and I had to leave shortly after the march ended because though I have the heart of a lion, I have the prostate of a Sunshine Boy). 

Here's what I was scaring people with on Sunday.

Here’s what I was scaring people with on Sunday. courtesy Paul DeRienzo.

After I posted this, I heard from a number of adherents to the NTHE movement asking me about the play this costume is from, entitled PLANET HOSPICE. Here’s the deal. If you want to look at the script, friend me on FB (or look for the Brooklyn Culture Jam page) and then send me a msg with your e-mail address. I can perform this play live with a week’s notice. So if you’re local (i.e., NYC, no more than a two-fare zone), we can work something out. If you’re someplace far away, there’s travel money. If you’re far away and/or you have someone in your venue who wants to take it on, that’s cool too. As most of you can imagine, I have borrowed a great deal from the writing of Guy McPherson and others. But I’m also the simple artist–I sing, I dance, I do the 55 minute monologue.there’s information about my other work here

Don’t make me go to gofundme. Please.

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