The Roof is On Fire — Looks like February of 2016 Was 1.5 to 1.7 C Above 1880s Averages

I hate to keep plagiarizing the work of Robert Scribbler, but he’s getting all this data correct that I can’t. There’s no getting around the fact that February blew past all previous records, and the prediction is that temperatures for the rest of the year will be 1.2 to 1.3 C above the baseline. This has all been ignored by the pundits and politicians concentrating on other measurements as part of the 2016 elections


Before we go on to explore this most recent and most extreme instance in a long string of record-shattering global temperatures, we should take a moment to credit our climate change denier ‘friends’ for what’s happening in the Earth System.

For decades now, a coalition of fossil fuel special interests, big money investors, related think tanks, and the vast majority of the republican party have fought stridently to prevent effective action to mitigate the worst effects of climate change. In their mad quest, they have attacked science, demonized leaders, gridlocked Congress, hobbled government, propped up failing fossil fuels, prevented or dismantled helpful regulation, turned the Supreme Court into a weapon against renewable energy solutions, and toppled industries that would have helped to reduce the damage.

Through these actions, they have been successful in preventing the necessary and rapid shift away from fossil fuel burning, halting a burgeoning American…

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  1. RobertScribbler is an excellent climate blogger in many respects yet he fails to accept the inevitability of our predicament. He researches his work carefully and never exaggerates. In fact,I believe he down plays the severity of the crisis.
    As a skipper I plan for the worst case scenario, Scribbler lives in misguided hope. It’s not meant as a criticism of the mans work, it is a criticism of conclusion.

    1. Agreed that he seems a hopeful sort despite the evidence he’s providing. But there’s no upside to being Cassandra for these scientists. Dr. Kevin Anderson of the Tyndall Centre laid out the problem last fall to Democracy NOW! If you’re a scientist and you want current and future projects funded,you’d bloody well better keep hopeful. There’s a link to his interview on my post here:

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