Bernie takes Michigan

wolf bernie

Wolf Blitzer wasn’t the only pundit eating crow after Sanders’ win in Michigan.

I had been planning a different post a few days ago. The Bernie Sanders campaign felt like it was stalled, and even ardent backers of the Vermont Senator were writing the kinds of FaceBook posts that were easy to walk back. 

Michigan and Sanders win in the primary there has shaken up the game. There was not a single major poll that gave Hillary less than a 5% lead over Sanders, and the respected Five Thirty Eight blog gave Clinton 99% chance of winning Michigan. This morning’s rehash started this way: Bernie Sanders made folks like me eat a stack of humble pie on Tuesday night. Harry Enten (the 538 columnist) also pointed this out: Sanders’s win in Michigan was one of the greatest upsets in modern political history

Sanders’ win comes despite being virtually ignored by the mainstream. And when conventional news outlets have covered Sanders’ campaign, the coverage is frequently nasty. The Washington Post famously put up sixteen anti- Sanders articles or tweets in sixteen hours of the news cycle preceding the Michigan and Mississippi primaries. Post publisher (and Amazon founder ) Jeff Bezos has it in for Sanders, who would probably cite Bezos as Exhibit A of the out-of-control pay for CEO’s and the 1% like Bezos accumulating billions at the expense of Amazon workers making subsistence wages. I wonder if Bezos is damaging the Post’s hard-won tradition of being a relatively fair and even-handed media outlet. 

In the meantime, I have a post saved if Bernie’s win in Michigan turns out to be a fluke. This is NOT the post I have saved for the possibility that Bernie is gamed out of the primary through manipulation of the rules by operatives like DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Whatever happens going forward in the DNC primary, it should be clear that there’s a significant number of Sanders Primary voters who will desert the party if there’s an attempt to turn the primary into a coronation of HRC. 

Feel the Bern.

UPDATE: Someone posted a Youtube video of an interview Sanders did with Katie Couric after Michigan. Couric was trying to get Bernie to pretend that his goal wasn’t to win an election. It went badly. 

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