The Red Nose campaign–whitewash for tax cheats?

Okay, I wrote this last year at this time. Please share it! the Red Nose campaign is run by the biggest tax cheat in the corporate United States.

The Brooklyn Culture Jam

on a computer or TV screen already. on a computer or TV screen near you. already.

Are any of you seeing lots of these ads? If you spend time online or waiting to buy groceries at Walgreens, or you watch a lot of NBC TV, you’re getting bombarded. Walgreens, NBC and Comic Relief are all onboard for this charity event, ostensibly to benefit poor children in the US (there’s also mention of Africa and Asia, but I’m guessing the United Way folks are emphasizing American kids.

As a person who considers himself part of the thriving clown protest business, I have a vested interest in defending the nobility of the red nose.  Furthermore, much as I think charity is a good thing, it falls to me to defend the culture of those who don red noses for entertainment purposes from those who’d co-opt the scarlet schnozz for reasons of mendacity. The ‘red nose day’ event to…

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