A Memorial Day action to undertake


The Vietnam Memorial. Image property of Mariordo used under Creative Commons license

This is a Memorial Day 2016 post and it’s linked to something I had posted a few years ago. As we honor the sacrifice of the men and women of the armed forces in our wars, perhaps we should honor the 21,400 young people who died in combat in Vietnam after Nixon was inaugurated. Remember that Nixon’s operatives sabotaged the Paris Peace accords in order to win the ’68 election at a time when all parties in Paris had come to an agreement for a cease-fire. After 1968, the war dragged on for another five years of American involvement, killing 21,400 Americans and hundreds of thousands of people in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. This is no loose-cannon conspiracy theory–conservative columnist George Will finally acknowledged the act of treason in 2014,Perhaps the best way to honor those brave young people would be to finally acknowledge that their sacrifice did not protect Democracy or keep our country safe.

You could do worse than signing this petition, which would ask for the government to acknowledge the peace talk sabotage in future government documents. 


The Brooklyn Culture Jam

National security adviser Walt Rostow poring over a map of Vietnam with President Lyndon Johnson. (National Archives Photo)

In 1968, Republican operatives working on behalf of Richard Nixon persuaded the South Vietnamese delegation at the Paris Peace Talks to turn their backs on an otherwise acceptable peace offer in October. The goal was to deny the Democrats a chance to claim a peace settlement in the war prior to the election.  Nixon went on to win an electoral victory of less than .7% of the electorate

We know about the Republicans’ sabotage of the talks now because the LBJ presidential library declassified the documents ahead of schedule (originally, they were not to be released until 50 years after Johnson’s demise). The documents include a 1973 cover letter by  Walter W. Rostow, who had been national security adviser during the worst parts of the Vietnam War.  Rostow had seen the documents (including…

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  1. brian · · Reply

    The least Nixon could’ve done was end the war when he became President.
    Also,12 years later,Raygun’s operatives convinced Iran to hold the hostages until after Raygun was sworn in. a double case of treason by the GOP.

    1. Nixon’s secret plan to end the war, Operation Duck Hook, included the use of nuclear weapons against NV cities. Had it not been for the massive anti-war protests of the summer, the US might have gone ahead with it. Well aware of the Iran Hostage deal. And nobody can forget the theft of the 2000 election.

      1. And nobody can forget Watergate.

  2. Brian, the Watergate issue reflects back on the original crime. Some of the material I’ve linked points at the possibility that the ‘plumbers’ were looking for evidence the Democrats had the goods on the 68 election and the sabotage of the Paris accords.

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