Restaurant at the END of the WORLD

From climate scientist Paul Beckwith. Diners at a second floor restaurant watch nonchalantly as a flood on the street downstairs eventually builds into a maelstrom lifting cars and people off the street and sweeping them downstream. What will our response be personally when we see cars and people floating down the streets? Ellicott, Maryland experienced a Millennial storm, with a months’ worse of water dumped on the streets in a matter of hours. What happens when ‘thousand year events’ are an everyday occurrence?

Paul Beckwith, Climate System Scientist


Restaurant at the END of the WORLD // Published on Jul 31, 2016
People were eating dinner on a second floor restaurant in Ellicott, Maryland when the street became a river, and then a raging torrent.

My video is a social commentary on the restaurant patron behaviour as captured on a video by Branden Cromwell as the emergency escalated.

I make a direct analogy to how the public is behaving to our ongoing abrupt climate change emergency.

Another view, the aftermath:

Times have not even gotten bad yet, and see just how severe life can be (dk):

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