Sanders end-game and the DNC


I thought this meme was genius. But the ruse has worked–top stories in Huffpost yesterday were about Russians and Trump, not about the DNC’s disenfranchisement of tens of thousands of Bernie supporters.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is now the official nominee for the DNC.

As Sting would say, Well, good luck to ya. 

I knew last year that Bernie stood almost no chance of winning the nomination. But he finished far better than any runner-up since the presidential primary system began. And between the Arnebeck lawsuit, the coming Trey Gowdy investigation into Clinton’s perjury,  the revelations of the recent WikiLeaks dump and the shoes about to drop from an anticipated future WikiLeaks dump, you’d think that the people in the DNC would’ve had one of those quiet discussions with HRC at a lunch venue (the kind of sit down meal recreated in movies like Goodfellas and Casino) and told Hillary “This ain’t working out, babe. Drop out. You’ll feel better and you’ll have more time for your grandkids”. Surely the DNC had/has a Plan B in case Hillary gets frog-marched in the next four months. It might be Biden. It probably wasn’t Bernie. But Hillary doesn’t walk away from Philadelphia unscathed with soaring popularity rates–her brand took a hit. If the next round of polling shows that she got no convention bounce, that tells us that the DNC would rather tank its own election than tell its marquee power couple that the 90’s are over.

What’s going to be the fallout of the Convention? Well, it’s becoming fairly clear that the Bernie Sanders delegates in Philly felt betrayed. Though not noticed much by MSM, there was a massive walk-out from the Convention Center when Hillary was anointed. Josh Fox (of Gasland fame) was filming inside the center and you can see people leaving as Hillary speechifies. Remember that some 40+ percent of the delegates were pledged to Bernie. It’s not clear whether they’ll gravitate to Jill Stein, write Bernie in on their ballots or simply stay home on November 8, but the GOP’s prospects for a Trump victory are better as more of the Bernie supporters leave the DNC fold. That’s clearly not in anyone’s interests–even of his supporters (I think most of Trump’s supporters are aware that The Donald will disappoint), but it’s happening.

And it’s amazing to me that the DNC has been able to pivot and make the media swallow the story that the WikiLeaks hack was a Putin-inspired operation and Vladimir and Donald are in league. But it shouldn’t surprise. The collusion between media and the Dems didn’t just happen in this election cycle. In all of the discussion about Chelsea Manning’s data dump and Edward Snowden’s revelations, the Obama -friendly news readers were always able to keep the focus on the whistleblowers instead of the revelations. As a nation, we have more and more in common with the old Soviet Union, and the most disturbing parallel is how the MSM has become capitalism’s Pravda. BTW, that’s largely due to the media consolidations that Bill Clinton enabled under the Telecommunications act of 1996.

Finally, a word about poor Bernie Sanders, who has been vilified by many of his followers for endorsing Hillary. This is a plea for forgiving Bernie Sanders from my friend David Petraitis, who blogs about NTHE and other matters. I should point out that David is the individual who told me I needed to read (and gave me a copy of) The Devil’s Chessboard, a history of the Dulles Brothers and their control of US intelligence from WWII through the ‘sixties.

I have avoided commenting much on this political cycle. And I hope you take this in the spirit of: “we all need to learn.”

In 1968 there was an anti-war Democratic party consisting of Robert F Kennedy and Eugene McCarthy. When RFK was murdered McCarthy went in hiding for a month before the convention. He was fearful. And for a good reason.

They assassinate people of Bernie’s stripe with no consequences. This is an oligarchy. They own it.

No surprise. If they can shoot you or your family tomorrow. What would you choose?

I worried in the past what it would be like if our country had a Right-Wing coup. And then I realized, only recently, it had.

On November 22nd 1963.

Remember Seth Rich ? Keep him in mind. Notice how Obama took away Bernie’s Secret Service protection on the eve of the convention?? Who knows what was said behind closed doors at the sit-down ‘Goodfellas‘ lunches Bernie had with the representatives of the Deep State

The Bernie revolution (at the polls) would have been very close to a REAL revolution. And much of what the Sanders’ reps were pushing against in the Platform committee was the part of  the Obama status quo that the GOP would keep. Push away the Puritanical stuff in the RNC platform and you’ll find that it’s all about maintaining (or expanding on) the Status Quo. The two major parties have differences of opinion on Climate, for example–the RNC says there’s no human-caused global warming, while the Dems seem to think that just switching over lightbulbs will fix everything. It’s laughably inadequate  and the D’s know it’s not realistic relative to the challenge, but promising only window-dressing appeals for saving the earth is what wins with their corporate constituency. One of the only reasons I would want to see Trump as POTUS is the schadenfreude I’d feel when he has to admit that yes, climate warming is extinction level. 

The Revolution no longer belongs to Bernie. He just turned on the light and let us all watch the roaches scatter for cover. The electoral light has been turned off for us. The next part is asking ourselves what we do about getting rid of the deep state if we know that voting for change isn’t allowed. 

Somebody find a park to meet in.


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